If you are looking for a Rich Osman and I'm not him, I don't have any contact information for anyone else at the moment.

If you are another Rich Osman (or Ricard, Ricardo, Risto, or...) I'll give you a link off this page at no charge.* You need to provide a link and a two line bio that would let a visitor distinguish you from our other namesakes. If you want a thumbnail picture I'll do that as well, just provide something pre-cropped and I'll scale it. Use my contact page to start the process.

I do not recommend posting email addresses on the web for a number of reasons. If all you have is an email address I'll put it behind a contact page that has my server forward an email and hides your address.

* this is subject to rational levels of traffic volume attributed to your link. In the unlikely event the volume caused by your link spikes to the point where I have to pay for additional bandwidth, I'd expect you to cover that cost.

26 September 2009