This day I was the bug.

I spent a Friday afternoon bolting a pair of 58 GHz microwave radios in place as the building was getting a new sign installed. 

The sign guys were real nice and helpful.  They loaned me a tool and helped stretch out some cable.  I left about 4 PM and they were a little over halfway done.

I showed up at the other end of the link on Saturday morning and noticed the sign was complete.  I also noticed that the lower case
"l" in the sign was in about the right place to block my radio path. 

So I finally get back to look at the situation first hand and it's even funnier than I thought.  The alignment is almost perfect.

What boggles my mind is that the lower radio has a link at all. It's completely obscured by the flag on the top of the
"l" and yet has a link that's only 20 dB worse than the unobscured radio.  Some friends indicated they thought this was about right. I figured at least 30 dB, and probably more like 40 dB for sidelobes and scattering loss.