Okay, picture this. It's Midnight on Saturday the first of April...

I've been gone for a week and I'd just spent sixteen hours on airplanes getting home.  My car has been parked in the parking garage at work. I stop by my office to pick something up before I head for the house.

As I round the corner I notice that my office looks a little odd...

And there's a note on the door that sort of explains it.

I open the door and the picture doesn't get much better.

After I finally made my way to my desk, this is all I see.

There are also some subtle touches; they relabelled the inbox on my window.

Of course it can always be worse:


The unindicted co-conspirators


Leigh Dugger 
Rhonda Thornton
Roy Mattke

The sign says "Not Guilty"  HA!

25 Aug 18