Rich Osman
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I'm an independent consultant and contractor.

Seasoned systems developer and applied research consultant with diverse experience in electronics circuit design, software and firmware development, and analog, RF, and digital designs. System level experience in thermal design and mechanical packaging. Skilled at specification development and system concept creation. Experienced in telecommunications, land mobile radio, and avionics applications.

Versatile technical and business development background. Drives workable solutions that optimize next generation product designs and timely market availability. Brings more than 15 years of experience in technology development willing and able to rapidly fill holes in any relevant functional expertise.

Key technology and product development skills:

Project management and planning
RF/wireless system and network design
RF/wireless circuit design
Embedded system and circuit design
Product troubleshooting and debugging
Legacy product support and upgrades
Vendor selection and partnering
Technical staff hiring support; resume and candidate screening
Sales & Marketing collaboration
Customer liaison, contact development
Internal business analysis
Technology scouting



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8 October 2016